In the Founder and Company


Blackman Enterprises is a foundation for promoting the relationship between culture and art, a project advocating the joint social responsibility of building – adding to a growing  community, under one guiding principle. BE! A simple yet powerful message to both seed and inspire the social voices need to bring in change. BE!

T.D. Blackman is an extension of the art, heritage and social perception that believes life is here to be experienced – lived. An author, advocate, poet; his words are the living instrument that guide many on the path through the forest. Both urban and suburban enthusiasts find wisdom and comfort in the soul of his writings. Stirring, disturbing, frenetic yet powerful in connecting the need to change with the seeds to grow.

Blackman Enterprises is his vision spawned in a catalog of experience. The author/ founder TD Blackman shares his voice, his vision, in a powerful yet simple message that echoes the effective belief, the sentiment of our corporation. BE!

A command, an empowerment, the exclusive thoughts and productions found in our catalog share more than a common voice, they offer a shared moment to read, hear and experience the rebirth of a generation. A generation that does as it grows, that goes in the power, the generation to BE!