TD Blackman is…

contemplating-1571862-639x850Tyler Demarius, the given name and canvas of the man and artist known and published as TD Blackman.

An urban suburban youth minister, a street voice with corporate ideals – you might say “the man is what death inspired to live.” He himself quotes, “TD Blackman Is.”

From a historical perspective, he works – he writes; he illustrates a single message, “where you come from is only the place you’re going if you never choose to leave.” You can read a more complete biography below, a word of caution – there may be some adult language and mature subjects as this is written, transcribed from, the writer/ author himself.

People want to know who I am. I am Blackman. More than the name or even the shade of melanin in my skin. I am African descended American born and raised black ass negro man. No secret or illusions since 1985 I’ve been here shuttling around trying to find my way. Where exactly do I fit in this world of being alive?

My mother wasn’t financially rich but neither were we poor. I didn’t grow up or wasn’t raised in some so-called ghetto. I was a solo baby. First born of the first ones with too many single ladies… Mind set on seeing the world I was meant to dominate, I learned early – sometimes you have to cross a boundary to see the lines – to see how the other side lives. Papa they sang, might have been a rolling stone, but I would not be denied my full rights and choices as a man. Even today, not much has changed. What I want I go get, villainous if it is – I know the truth inside. I know what drives me and though some records might classify me as angry. I ain’t mad at all. Far from it in fact. I’m determined to finish this whole trial laughing.

Before The Transformation

A birth record of Tyler exists from 1989 until the day he relates he died. “The day I got introduced to Kilby I quit giving a fuck. The illusion was gone, I ceased being innocent. I became one more meant to break the darkness that tried to kill my belief. I seen jail but this is a fresh take on, ‘can we humiliate him, diminish his heart -break his spirit here? Kill that African pride?'” Having become for a brief time a number in the department for corrections, he came to understand firsthand the power and potential of looking past everybody’s funeral of the man they willfully buried. Seeing and understanding the truth so many profess yet never willingly come to grips with, There is in fact life after death. There is life beyond classifications and sentencing. There is life if your willing to see it and use the opportunity given to rest and reassess – prioritize. Then using their same truth as fuel you can build the economics of your renewed faith.  You are alive because life – the lifegiver hasn’t called for your death. So fuck what another man say.